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This is our Wallshield Sprayed Exterior Coating Co Painter & Decorator page. We have listed the full address of Wallshield Sprayed Exterior Coating Co, phone numbers and websites. Wallshield Sprayed Exterior Coating Co is in High Wycombe, Wallshield Sprayed Exterior Coating Co Does painting and decorating for commercial and domestic customers. This Decorators is in High Wycombe also does wall papering, plastering and general home painting/ refurbishment High Wycombe. Wallshield Sprayed Exterior Coating Co Can also provide you with painting quotes and cheap decorating quotes in High Wycombe | [Edit Text]

Wallshield Sprayed Exterior Coating Co
2 Thomas Road
High Wycombe
HP10 0PE
01628 526400

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    Lletob on 12 Nov 2012
    I have lived in our 1938 house since 1977 (35 years). The outside walls are rendered and were painted white. I had the walls painted 3 times in the first 28 years, average about £1,000 plus gutter and fascia cleaning (UPVC). In 2005 (7 years ago) I had The Wallshield Company treat the outside walls for £13,183 (first price: £23,059 second price: £16,479) because I agreed to have it done as soon as possible - the next week! The two guys that did the job took 5 cold and wet days in January 2005, the amount of repair work to be done to the rendering was far less than the 'surveyor' had said, he had also said it would be two 'teams' and would probably take two weeks! The finished job looked good AND it was 'guaranteed' for 15 years against chipping, flaking or peeling. It does not look so good now, it is textured - hard spikes, it collects dust and dirt and old spiders webs, all the walls could do with an annual power wash. April 2010 I receive a letter telling me that Wallshield Limited is in "Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation". Earlier this year I noticed 2 largish areas where the coating has lifted off the sidewall, another area which is flaking on the back-wall, and yesterday another area which is lifting on the front-wall. Hence I am online again to see if I can resolve this issue under the 15 year guarantee - a wall coating costing £13,183 lasting only 7 years - that is less than the £1,000 paint jobs I had previously had. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND AVOID WALLSHIELD and probably other similar wall coating companies.
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    Tudhope on 07 May 2012
    I would NOT recommend anyone to use this company. Our wallshield coating has stripped off the wall and the company won't ho nour the guarantee because the owner went bust with his last Wallshield company and has started a new one so is not honouring old guarantees. Hugely expensive and a total waste of money.

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