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This is our Keenan Decor Painter & Decorator page. We have listed the full address of Keenan Decor, phone numbers and websites. Keenan Decor is in Glasgow, Keenan Decor Does painting and decorating for commercial and domestic customers. This Decorators is in Glasgow also does wall papering, plastering and general home painting/ refurbishment Glasgow. Keenan Decor Can also provide you with painting quotes and cheap decorating quotes in Glasgow | [Edit Text]

Keenan Decor
40 Rodger Avenue
G77 6JS
0141 639 9107

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    Ellis Black on 26 May 2012
    Did a so called job for us very unprofessional job extremely rude individual supposedly been doing the job for 30 years well he hasnt learned how to do a proper paint job thats for sure - avoid at all cost.
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    Gary Gemmell on 19 May 2012
    Guy was recommended by a couple of people - obviously peoples idea of qaulity these days is a lot different from mine as I was brought up by my father to do a job 101%. Guy was employed to sand down and paint a couple of flat entrance doors and a pair of railings. Two of the residents phoned him to question the quality off the work after the first day and I was told in no uncertain terms that i was a f**** bast*** and if he wasnt paid he would come back and "the doors would be in a worse state than they were before he started working on them". Well really not exactly great customer service - he then threatened and wanted to meet me so we did and he in fairness apologised for being so rude. I then asked him about the doors which had numerous holes which had not been filled before sanding down , neither had he removed the aluminium push panels or kick plates which we were told was "our jobs" as customers to remove them - fair enough - he told me the filler needed to go in after the doors had been stained - wrong! He also said the marks on the doors could not be removed - when i suggested if he couldnt remove them then why didnt he use a darker stain to cover them he hummed and hawed and professed to be in the trade for 30 years which i have no doubt he has been but like most of British Crapmanship these days it speaks for itself - British workmen do the job to 50% of their ability , charge 200% of what the price should be and spend half the time on the job which was exactly what this sad case did. He came back and stained the doors again and filled the one hole with the wrong colour filler , he never even filled the hole flush with the wood nor sanded it down , not only that but the filler was entirely the wrong colour so we now have a door that is brown with a white filled hole , neither did he fill tthe crack i asked him to. I really dont need to go any further suffice to say utter waste of space but thats not he prroblem , the problem is that every British tradesman we have had in has been like this , the only good ones we have had were a Slovakian builder and Czech double glazing guy. Just goes to prove that British workmanship is out and Eastern European is in. Having been to Eastern Europe I can confirm that their ethos of 100% job pride is still alive but sadly not here in Britain!!!

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